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Someone. Please. Fucking slap some sense into this boy. Bale, you were tied with Keaton as the best Batman. But now?

I'm not in outer space anymore.

I've been pulled to earth by facing the fact that I have to work tomorrow. Jesus that's a scary notion you know? Scanning chips and frozen crap's gonna work my way to mullah baby. $$$$$

So, I've decided Condemned got kind of boring (especially since I Wikied it and ruined some of the story -__-), but I guess I'll still finish it. Instead, I disappeared to my room and wrote this. Hope you enjoy. (feast, you wanted to read more of my stuff. <33 This is for you my fighter.) 

     It was the worried look. The swelling blue eyes and flushed cheeks, the glaze of moonlight striping her face. "I won't be scared"...I could read as I reached for here shoulders. "At least"...smoothly falling onto the bed. "I'll be with him", when she held my hand to her lips. Her body glowed with a willingness almost unfair to her viginal instinct. And underneath the trmbling flesh, I knew I would be taking an angel But...the look.
     "Are you sure?"
     I rose in guilt. Yet, clawing my back, she replied, clinging. I tried to see her thoughts. Nothing. Only the moon and my beloved. I buried my face in the warmth of her hair, the comfort I could not hold...the light I was to steal. Her hand grazing my neck, I shamefully lifted my head. With our eyes fixed, I decided against her being hypnotized. I so longed to see her swimming eyes, not the confused darkness surrounding my own heart. 
    Then I felt it, creeping and aware, like mist among a dismal and abandoned valley. My primal nature. My primal enemy and aggression. And time was not to be beheld. Her shirt was simple to unbutton, to slide. Down. Off. Soon, my angel had spread her wings, so naive and helpless. Lying there, so eager. I'd be damned if I lost control now, but again, it never is my choice. I bid my blue calm its last glance and descended. 
     It was an unjust struggle, her having no immunity to my tactics. Compared to the strength of my being undead, she was no challenge. My fingertips so slightly glide across her form. I lower my head to her succulent breasts, smothering its innocent frame with a hot breat. And I suckled like a newborn child when I began to hear. "Oh god...please..." A plead for more? A handful of hair, I pulled, my tongue assaulting as well. I was gagging my love. A monster of lust, dominance. No more the archangel of her dreams. She would not recognize me should she look upon my face.
     I would have her, bloodied and vulnerable, as I arched to nip her earlobe.
    Excitement welling inside, I whispered to her neck. "Allow me...my love."
   And I pierced her flesh. A whimper, but no movement. She was losing the glow she dance with and I thoroughly enjoyed devouring every bit of it. She wasn't flying, nor moaning like the stories so portrayed. Not to the brink of orgasm. She was dying.
     I had drained a little more than my normal fill when this occurred to me. Should I drink too much, she would surely die. Her dream of our endless future would be lost with her as I don't dream. I had regained my conscious; I was in control. Releasing her neck and wrists, I directed my gaze to her now colorless face and lips. She did not stir for a few seconds more, when she finally opened her eyes. My fingernail would suffice as I slit my forear, careful to administer blood in return. Holding her head gently below the trickling red, she began to change quickly. One convulsion. The memory of pain shot through my chest. Another as I held her steady. It was excruciating to become a child of Darkness, as your insides knot, dysfunction. What had I done to my love...my angel?
     Before long, I was being examined with a newfound eyesight. Worry and fear were not present in these eyes. The look was gone, replaced by one of overwhelming warmth and love. This is what she had seen for us, what she wanted. Not even eternity was to halt our future. It was in this look. our lips met with a renewed understanding. We parted. Still beautiful. Still my angel.
     But damn. I was going to miss drowning in those bright blue eyes.


OH MAN. Summertime's back in business...along with the brawls and arguments. But I'm getting better at defending. Really. I am. 

I've decided (after some VERY STRONG ENCOURAGMENT *hides in closet*) to get a job. Then I'll have my own money to blow. Among that being The Dark Knight, Condemned 2 (whenever I get to a damned Blockbuster), admission fees for a 5K race, Ocean City, costume supplies, etc. And unlike last year, when I say I'm making a costume this summer, I'm actually going to do it. ^^

This cosplay's gonna kick as much ass as Al Pacino's speech in The Scent of A Woman (which was fucking amazing)! Of course, the costume's of myself, but as the OLD Alucard, which is arguably Dracula. It's gonna be AMAZINGS! BUT...it's probably gonna take all summer considering I'm taking almost every detail into account. 

You can all feast your eyes on my facial hair next year. o.O


I couldn't hold it any longer. *looks through computer and clicks on every damn yaoi or yaoi related file* 
You know, I had a reason to hold back before...now I don't. haha. Never again. <3 I don't have to look at the ground anymore when I mention it. 

Because it's more amazing than Andrew Reynolds...including himself.


Oh baby.

Ok. So I tried driving for the first time yesterday. Let's just say I hate Sheetz stations now. But it's all good because then I GOT A PS3 SUCKAS!!! Megaman, Siren (shitty Japanese horror game), and Manhunt 2 should hold me over until GH3 comes in the mail. Manhunt's amazing too - escaped convict gutting and slitting people's throats to get to some serious medication. What's not to like right? I'm bringing back my old PS2 and the game. So maybe you all can see it if you want.

You should all watch Michael Clayton too.
As well as this. (I'm downloading the soundtrack to this as soon as fucking possible.)

Best vampire movie??


I took a trip back to the 80s...which I've been living in since I got home. (courtesy my dad)

BUT...I'VE NEVER HEARD A GUY SING THIS HIGH. EVER. And wow - it's a black boy band. Never seen that either. Hot damn the 80s have everything.

Welcome to New Edition suckas.

I figured it out too. ^(hehe)^

Happy gobbles day my friends.

Hope you like your turkey with 11 mm bullets in it. ^vv^ 

well folks...survey says -

- ROCKBAND BEATS MY FUCKING PS2 ANYDAY. This is the only game I've ever gotten the day it came out. And jesus is it sweet. So, yeah. That's what I'm doing suckas...although I want Persona 3 sooooo bad! (vagrancy <- lucky lucky lucky...<3)

I've probably memorized the Disney version of sleepy hollow too. EVERYDAY MAN. EVERYDAY. My brother loves it. And that's about all that keeps him occupied...(it's on right now. holy hell I'll break that disc before this vacation's over.) 

Hope you're all doing ok. Enjoi your turkey.


How will you be suspended from LJ? by Anonymous LJ User
Years on LJ
Hours left until your suspension4
Your crimeFailing to establish literary merit in your Harry/Draco/Ron/Seamus/Hagrid/Dobby/Bart Simpson circle jerk fic.
Who reported youspacepirate179
Your fateOld. Alone. Done for.
Yo my homies! I need you all to check your Merc e-mails cause I don't feel like repeating everything in it.

I'm on a binge eating strawberries, feeding goddamn hermit crabs, watching PotC 2, and polishing my rollerblades. What're you all doing? Where you at?? o.O